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Body 13 - #100: Of Course You Know That God Created the Earth Only Six Thousand Years Ago FLAC album

Performer: Body 13
Genre: Electronic / Rock
Title: #100: Of Course You Know That God Created the Earth Only Six Thousand Years Ago
Released: 2014
Style: Musique Concrète, Power Electronics, Post Rock, Experimental, Ambient
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So I would of course say that it possible that God created the universe 6k years, but I would like to point out something that I suspect many people overlook or simply don't question when they do see it. It's in the first chapter of the biblical book of Genesis. On "day" 1, we read that God created light. 2. God created the universe as is in the present day. 3. "False evidence" indicating the Big Bang was added 4. "False evidence" of evolution, the dinosaur bones, ammonite shells, fossils etc. were added 5. Humans were provided with similar memories of past events. As in the other questions, the answer is, "yes, it's possible" in that we have to presume a God who created the universe is probably capable of doing it in whatever way he wants. In that case, it's a self evident fact and the rest is irrelevant to the question.

For in six days God made the heavens and the earth, the oceans and all therein, and He rested on the seventh day. Therefore God hath blessed the Sabbath day and sanctified it.  . Almost 2000 years ago, the Zohar predicted, "In the 600th year of the sixth thousand, the gates of wisdom on high and the wellsprings of lower wisdom will be opened. This will prepare the world to enter the seventh thousand, just as man prepares himself toward sunset on Friday for the Sabbath. We know that the final redemption, the final Geula, it's going to be like when you left Egypt – only one-fifth of our people left Egypt. during the plague of darkness. So I'm appealing to every Jew.

God created the universe over time because creating it instantly would not have fulfilled at least some of His purposes for the creation. Significantly, God's glory is manifest more clearly in an ancient universe and ancient earth. However, nowhere does the Bible indicate that God created the earth for our pleasure or enjoyment. In contrast, the Bible indicates that the earth was established to accomplish the purposes of Go. What are the purposes of God regarding this creation?

Geologists estimate that the earth is approximately 4 billion years old, and astronomers calculate that the universe may be as much as 15 billion years old. Do these findings-or their potential future ct Genesis 1:1? N. For example, when summarizing God’s creative work, Moses refers to all six creative days as one day. (Genesis 2:4) In addition, on the first creative day, God began calling the light Day, but the darkness he called Night. Genesis 1:5) Here, only a portion of a 24-hour period is defined by the term day. Certainly, there is no basis in Scripture for arbitrarily stating that each creative day was 24 hours long. Of course there is no such explicit statement. What should that look like? Some text saying, "The world is 6000 years ol. ? That's obviously subject to permanent change. Or "The world was created in 3892 BC"?

Is the earth . billion years old or only 6,000 years old as the Bible teaches? More importantly, how can we know the age of the earth? Get answers! . Of course, the Bible doesn’t say explicitly anywhere, The earth is 6,000 years old. Good thing it doesn’t; otherwise it would be out of date the following year. But we wouldn’t expect an all-knowing God to make that kind of a mistake. God gave us something better. In essence, He gave us a birth certificate. For example, using a personal birth certificate, a person can calculate how old he is at any point. It is similar with the earth. Genesis 1 says that the earth was created on the first day of creation ( Genesis 1:1–5 ). From there, we can begin to calculate the age of the earth

About half of Americans believe humans evolved over millions of years, with most of those people saying that God guided the process. Religious, less educated, and older respondents were likelier to espouse a young Earth creationist view - that life was created some 6,000 to 10,000 years ago - according to the poll. Though the percentage of people who believe in creationism has changed little over the decades, the percentage of people who believe humans evolved without God has more than doubled, and the percentage who believe in God-guided evolution has decreased. For instance, a 2014 National Science Foundation study found that only three out of four Americans know that the Earth revolves around the sun and not vice versa, and a large percentage didn't know the Earth's core was hot. Large percentages didn't know that the father's sperm determines a baby's sex.

Of course, it would be even greater if only you have learned that effect earlier. F. As it is known to all, fruits are rich in nutrients and bioactive substances which are beneficial to our health. However, not all people know how we can entirely absorb fruits' nutrients to the body without adverse effects when eating fruits. So you should learn to grasp the different time. In the morning, the best fruits are apples, pears and grapes. That such high-quality goods are on offer does not surprise Friends of the Earth campaigner Georgina Bloomfield. People want to feel a bit better about consuming, and so they're happy to give things away', she says.


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