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Guns N' Roses - The Story Vol I - From Beginning To The Years Of Destruction FLAC album

Performer: Guns N' Roses
Genre: Rock
Title: The Story Vol I - From Beginning To The Years Of Destruction
Released: 1993
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Rating: 4.4
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Guns N' Roses' debut album, Appetite for Destruction (1987), reached number one on the Billboard 200 a year after its release, on the strength of the Top 10 singles "Welcome to the Jungle", "Paradise City", and "Sweet Child o' Mine", the band's only single to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100. The album has sold approximately 30 million copies worldwide, including 18 million units in the United States, making it the country's bestselling debut album and album. In their early years, the band's hedonism and rebelliousness drew comparisons to the early Rolling Stones and earned them the nickname "the most dangerous band in the world. Guns N' Roses' second album, G N' R Lies, was released in November 1988. It included the four recordings from the band's 1986 EP Live ?! @

In an exclusive new interview, Guns N' Roses cover artist Billy White Jr. explains the story of his 'Appetite for Destruction' design. The final Appetite for Destruction cover (with Celtic cross design) was chosen after a painting by Robert Williams was rejected (more on that later). First, let’s delve into the iconic cross design featuring skulls of the five band members. Billy and the band became friends

Let’s travel back to the beginning of the 90s – I promise you, it’s totally worth it! I was looking for a song that was released on the year I was born in – 1992 and I suddenly realized that one of the most touching, emotionally-intense and well-written rock ballads EVER came out the sam. Guns N’ Roses – Use Your Illusion I (1991) album cover. I need Moody’s help, said Tracii Guns, founding member of Guns ‘N Roses about Axl Rose working on this song since at least 1983. Interesting fact, the song contains the longest ever guitar solo in a Top 10 single. Actually, Slash plays a few guitar solos in the song ( depending on how you see it).

So are you in Guns N’ Roses, or are you just playing with Guns N’ Roses? Oh, that’s an interesting question. From the moment we started playing together and embarking on this journey, I would consider it being in Guns N’ Roses, not just being hired to play Guns N’ Roses songs. So technically, legally, is it a band again? I’m in the band - there is no contractual anything at this point. And the superficial stuff that people want to look into, it always seems to rise to the surface; and it’s hard to get away from that after years and years and years of being that band that had, uh, that kind of media dynamic going on. So, I just sort of avoid it. I mean, obviously you don’t want to say anything to knock this all off course. I’m not worried about fucking it up. I just don’t think that there’s really any information that is necessarily important. The fun of this has just been playing, not talking to the press.

We'd made Appetite and then toured for years and - for me, and I know for a couple of the other guys - we'd crashed and burned. So we were pulling ourselves out of the fucking quagmire and going back to work. Making an album to soundtrack fighting and fucking was no longer enough for Guns' lead singer. We want to define ourselves," Rose told Rolling Stone. Appetite was our cornerstone, a place to start. One by one, Guns N' Roses trickled back to LA, where it was Slash's turn to lose the plot. To the bean counters at Geffen, everything was roses, with the Use Your Illusion albums storming to number one and two on the UK and US album charts, and the band selling out a residency at New York's Madison Square Garden by the year's end. None of that could disguise the sense that the rock 'n' roll guard was changing.


1-1 Anything Goes [Alt. Lyrics] 4:33
1-2 Back Off Bitch (Demo) 4:40
1-3 Bad Obsession (Demo) 5:03
1-4 Bring It Back Home (Demo) 5:40
1-5 Blues Jam (Live) 7:39
1-6 Crash Diet (Demo) 4:52
1-7 Don't Cry (Demo) 5:20
1-8 Heartbreak Hotel # 1 (Demo) 4:24
1-9 Heartbreak Hotel # 2 (Demo) 4:35
1-10 It's So Easy (Live) 3:25
1-11 I Used To Love Her # 1 (Live) 3:54
1-12 I Used To Love Her # 2 (Live) 2:35
1-13 Ain't Goin' Down [Instrumental] (Demo) 3:34
1-14 Jumping Jack Flash # 1 (Demo) 3:21
1-15 Jumping Jack Flash # 2 (Demo) 3:55
2-1 Just Another Sunday (Demo) 4:35
2-2 Yesterday (Demo) 3:42
2-3 You're Crazy # 1 (Demo) 3:44
2-4 You're Crazy # 2 (Live) 3:39
2-5 Knockin' On Heaven's Door # 1 (Live) 6:57
2-6 Mr. Brownstone # 1 (Live) 4:21
2-7 Mr. Brownstone # 2 (Live, Acoustic) 4:42
2-8 Move To The City # 1 (Album Version) 3:40
2-9 Move To The City # 2 (Demo) 3:46
2-10 Move To The City # 3 (Demo) 3:32
2-11 My Michelle # 1 (Live) 4:22
2-12 My Michelle # 2 (Demo) 4:25
2-13 Mama Kin # 1 (Live) 3:54
2-14 Mama Kin # 2 (Demo) 3:48
2-15 Nice Boys (Demo) 2:56
3-1 November Rain [Acoustic] (Demo) 4:46
3-2 November Rain [Piano] (Demo) 9:49
3-3 Night Train # 1 (Live) 5:05
3-4 Night Train # 2 (Demo) 4:58
3-5 Out To Get Me # 1 (Live) 4:41
3-6 Out To Get Me # 2 (Demo) 4:01
3-7 One In A Million (Live) 6:16
3-8 Paradise City # 1 (Live) 6:51
3-9 Paradise City # 2 (Demo) 5:42
3-10 Patience # 1 (Live) 7:04
3-11 Patience # 2 (Live) 6:53
3-12 "Perfect Crime" (Ain't Goin' Down [Instrumental]) (Demo) 3:34
3-13 Reckless Life (Demo) 3:13
4-1 Rocket Queen # 1 (Live) 6:44
4-2 Rocket Queen # 2 (Demo) 6:06
4-3 Sweet Child O'Mine # 1 (Live) 6:34
4-4 Sweet Child O'Mine # 2 (Album Version) 5:54
4-5 Salt Of The Earth (Live - Axl & Izzy w/ The Rolling Stones) 5:34
4-6 Shadow Of Your Love # 1 (Demo) 3:03
4-7 Shadow Of Your Love # 2 (Live) 3:05
4-8 Sentimental Movie (Demo) 4:44
4-9 Too Much Too Soon (Demo) 6:30
4-10 Think About You (Demo) 3:54
4-11 The Garden (Demo) 5:07
4-12 Welcome To The Jungle # 1 (Demo) 5:06
4-13 Welcome To The Jungle # 2 (Live) 4:54
4-14 Whole Lotta Rosie (Live) 4:13


GN'R: The Story Vol. I: From The Beginning To The Years Of Destruction, '85-'89

All titles are live or demos.

Disc 1:
Tracks 1-4,6-9,13-15: Studio demos
Tracks 5,11: Pasadena, CA. December 30th 1987
Track 10: London, England. June 28th 1987
Track 12: New York, NY. October 30th 1987
8 and 9 - "Heartbreak Hotel" is a cover of Elvis Presley
11 and 12 - the real title is "Used To Love Her"
14 and 15 - "Jumping Jack Flash" is a cover of the Rolling Stones

Disc 2:
Tracks 1-3,9-10,12,14-15: Studio demos
Track 4: Live; unknown date
Tracks 5-6,11,13: New York, NY. February 2nd 1988
Track 7: New York, NY. October 30th 1987
Track 8: Taken from Lies
5 - "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" is a cover of Bob Dylan
13 and 14 - "Mama Kin" is a cover of Aerosmith
15 - "Nice Boys" is a cover of Rose Tattoo

Disc 3:
Tracks 1-2,4,6,9,12-13: Studio demos
Tracks 3,5,8: New York, NY. February 2nd 1988
Tracks 7,10: New York, NY. October 30th 1987
Track 11: Pasadena, CA. December 30th 1987
3 and 4 - the real title is "Nightrain"
5 and 6 - the real title is "Out Ta Get Me"
12 - this is not "Perfect Crime"

Disc 4:
Tracks 2,6,8-12: Studio demos
Tracks 1,3,13: New York, NY. February 2nd 1988
Track 4: Taken from Appetite For Destruction
Track 5: Atlantic City, NJ. December 19th 1989, Axl & Izzy w/ The Rolling Stones
Tracks 7,14: London, England. June 28th 1987
Writing Credits:
5: "Salt Of The Earth" is a cover of the Rolling Stones
9: this is not the "Too Much Too Soon" of Johnny Thunders, as noticed on the cover.
14: "Whole Lotta Rosie" is a cover of AC/DC

Total Time:
Disc 1: 67:30
Disc 2: 62:03
Disc 3: 72:53
Disc 4: 71:29