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Autechre - EPS 1991 – 2002 FLAC album

Performer: Autechre
Genre: Electronic
Title: EPS 1991 – 2002
Country: UK
Released: 2011
Style: Abstract, Glitch, IDM, Ambient, Hardcore, Experimental
FLAC version ZIP size: 1943 mb
MP3 version ZIP size: 1184 mb
WMA version ZIP size: 1762 mb
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 232

Instead, like Autechre themselves, EPs 1991-2002 simply presents the listener with the music the band has made and lets them come to grips with it on their own terms, allowing them to draw their own conclusions about what they’re hearing without any unnecessary assistance from its creators. Track Listing - Disc 1. Title/Composer.

EPS 1991 – 2002 ‎(5xCD, RM + Box, Comp). Warp Records, Beat Records. For a band with 10 LPs out it's pretty easy to get lost in them and forget about the EPs. This stops that from happening and is a worth while release. Responder Notifique-me 1 Helpful. 14 de setembro de 2011. fazendo referência a EPs 1991 - 2002, 47xFile, MP3, Comp, 320 + 3xFile, MOV, WARPCDD211.

Autechre discography. Rob Brown and Sean Booth performing at the SeOne Club in London (2005). – – – 24 August 2018. 1997: Autechre performed the music on the track "アイレ可愛や" on Mari Hamada's album 編む女. 1998: Tortoise, Autechre: Adverse Camber, To Day Retrieval (12" vinyl, two remixes of the Tortoise track "Ten-Day Interval"). 2003: æ³o & h³æ (2xCD Minimax, collaboration with Hafler Trio). 2005: æo³ & ³hæ (2xCD, collaboration with Hafler Trio).

EPs 1991 - 2002, 2011. EPs 1991 - 2002, 2011. Accelera 1 & 2, 06:39. Basscadet (Bcdtmx), 06:48.

Only 3 left in stock (more on the way). Only 3 left in stock (more on the way).

1. (00:14:11) Autechre - Garabagemx.


Cavity Job
Cavity Job 6:10
Accelera 1 & 2 6:39
Basscad EP
Basscadet Bcdtmx 6:48
Basscadet Basscadoublemx 4:26
Basscadet Tazmx 6:53
Basscadet Basscadubmx 9:37
Anti EP
Lost 7:24
Djarum 7:19
Flutter 9:59
Garbagemx 14:11
PIOBmx 7:37
Bronchusevenmx 9:44
VLetrmx 8:27
Anvil Vapre
Second Bad Vilbel 9:46
Second Scepe 7:45
Second Scout 7:22
Second Peng 10:55
Peel Session
Milk DX 6:05
Inhake 2 8:36
Drane 10:49
Goz Quarter 9:42
Latent Quarter 7:37
Laughing Quarter 7:05
Draun Quarter 10:52
Untitled 10:00
Yeesland 6:22
Pencha 6:13
Characi 7:23
Krib 3:11
Tilapia 6:14
Rpeg 6:00
Ccec 4:58
Squeller 4:37
Left Blank 6:40
Outpt 7:12
Dropp 3:16
Liccflii 4:59
Maphive 6.1 8:19
Zeiss Contarex 6:33
Netlon Sentinel 4:06
Pir 3:32
Peel Session 2
Gelk 8:50
Blifil 7:00
Gaekwad 6:25
19 Headaches 7:14
Gantz_Graf 3:57
Dial. 6:17
Cap.IV 9:04


Category Artist Title (Format) Label Category Country Year
WARPCD211 Autechre EPS 1991 – 2002 ‎(5xCD, RM + Box, Comp) Warp Records WARPCD211 UK 2011
BRWP-211 Autechre EPS 1991 – 2002 ‎(5xCD, RM + Box, Comp) Warp Records, Beat Records BRWP-211 Japan 2011
WARPDD 211A Autechre EPs 1991 - 2002 (Part 1) ‎(24xFile, FLAC, Comp) Warp Records WARPDD 211A UK 2011
WARPDD 211A Autechre EPs 1991 - 2002 (Part 1) ‎(24xFile, WAV, Comp) Warp Records WARPDD 211A UK 2011
WARPDD 211B Autechre EPs 1991 - 2002 (Part 2) ‎(23xFile, FLAC, Comp) Warp Records WARPDD 211B UK 2011
WARPDD 211B Autechre EPs 1991 - 2002 (Part 2) ‎(23xFile, WAV, Comp) Warp Records WARPDD 211B UK 2011
WARPCDD211 Autechre EPs 1991 - 2002 ‎(47xFile, MP3, Comp, 320 + 3xFile, MOV) Warp Records WARPCDD211 UK 2011
WARPCDD211, WARPCD211 Autechre EPs 1991 - 2002 ‎(47xFile, WAV, Comp + 3xFile, MOV) Warp Records, Warp Records WARPCDD211, WARPCD211 UK 2011
Cool box, but there are couple problems:- no original artwork (additional booklet with album covers, liner notes etc would be helpful)- EP7 divided on two discs- Untitled track I can't even play on my CD player :(By the way it would be great idea to have another compilation with all non-album, rare, japanese edition only tracks.

First of all: i respect your opinion.I didn't like the artwork from the originals that much myself and what i like the most about this collectosbox is the sound to it. I never heard any of the originals but man, does these sound great !Geart remastering job i would say.

Yeah, they really seem to have skimped on this one.

I was considering getting this to replace all the individual disks I have and clear up some shelf space. But I can't get over the fact that they split EP7 over two disks. It is one of my favorite Autechre EPs. I always considered it to be more like an album, both regarding length and consistency. It deserves it's own disk.

The thing is. It was released in a split fashion at first anyway.

This would be nice released on vinyl although I already own the originals :)

i second that big time!! hope we see it on vinyl soon..ENB..//

There is a 9:58 long Untitled track to open Cichlisuite? Since when?

it was a hidden track on EP7, so i guess it's a hidden track on that cd as well

So glad to finally own most of the Autechre EPs in one swoop. I really enjoy Autechre in the era between 95-99 (Tri Repetae to EP7) and this really heavily captures that period. Of the EPs, I only owned Peel Sessions 1+2 so to have everything else is great. If you are like me where you only own 1 or 2 eps - getting this is a no brainer.

For a band with 10 LPs out it's pretty easy to get lost in them and forget about the EPs. This stops that from happening and is a worth while release.

I think long time fans forget that not everyone has been collecting since the beginning. I was glad for the chance to grab this catch-up bundle since it's a convenient way to get their older material without having to track down each individual EP.

Wow, I don't understand the hate for this collection. I am a huge fan of Autechre and have been for years. I have a bunch of their full lengths on CD, but never got into their EPs besides Anvil/Garbage with Tri Repetae (I tend not to check out EPs in general). Anyway, this set is fucking amazing for someone like me, where I can quickly and easily get most of their EPs in one fell swoop (in typical AE minimal as hell packaging). This set goes for 25-30 USD on amazon which is a pretty damn good deal if you ask me. I understand that some people already have these EPs, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest the insane notion that not every single fan of Autechre has the groups entire discog. Though now they can be much closer with this.

Aside all critique, this Box is a very good addition to the Autechre's discography. All Eps in one place. And design is minimal and cold, which mirrors the music perfectly. I wish the BoC would do the same thing with their Eps and old material.

Boards of Canada makes slightly less sense to me, because they only had about 5 EPs, they apparently don't want to put out any other old stuff, and there wouldn't be much point if it's not going to have the Peel Session version of Happy Cycling (or at least sort out the rights for XYZ).

hear, hear, armidge. spot on assessment. insult to injury: ordered my copy directly from Warp, and in the shuffle across the Atlantic the discs managed to split the seams of their cardboard jackets. *very* disappointing. hard to imagine such poor execution on Warp's part, but there it is. other than the packaging, the only real upgrade for existing fans would be the availability of Cavity Job, which really isn't anything to write home about anyway. sorry, Warp, but add it all up and one can't help entertain the thought "cash grab."

That sounds like a real bummer. Were you able to get a refund?

After the beautiful and exhaustive box with which Warp celebrated their first 20 years, I expected that this collection would be a stunning and fitting tribute to a group that was instrumental to Warp's early success, as well as a nice release for fans old and new. Instead, I was surprised at the apparent apathy and lack of thought that went into the planning and release of this Autechre box set. The omission of "We R Are Why" is completely shameful; there's simply no excuse for not having included it. "SpltRmx" likewise really should have been here - the argument that it is AE covering someone else's work and therefore not purely AE doesn't work for me. Another glaring error was not to have included the alternate version of Laughing Quarter from the Envane XAE version.But it's around disc 4 that things get really ridiculous. Having a hidden track before track 1 on the original EP7 was cool, in a way, but to do it again in this set instead of making it its own track relegates it to obscurity instead of really adding the track to Autechre's oeuvre. Add that to the fact that the track is now completely out of context being placed before the Cichlisuite EP and you get a track that is no more than an inside joke.When it comes to re-issuing previously released material, especially in a box set, more is more among music collectors. Not only was the content lacking, there is not one word of supporting liner notes which could have added an interesting historical perspective to the collection of such ground-breaking electronic music. Here's what would have made this a treasured release, IMO:- A good set of liner notes, which would have opened the door for some interesting artwork as well.- Master the hidden EP7 track as its own track and keep it grouped with EP7- Add a 6th disc to the collection to make room for the CHRONOLOGICAL interspersion of the missing BasscadEP mixes, the rare PIOBmx2, We R Are Why, Laughing Quarter (alternate version), and the Spltrmx EP.About the only good thing I can say about this set is that it takes up less combined space than all of the original EPs, which is pathetic for a release that had so much potential. Warp and Autechre, you blew it this time.

We R Are Why's absence might be a deal-breaker. You described this set's flaws very well. Maybe try reaching out to Warp to see if they can do another box set of EPs, this time including the missing ones (and maybe even the ones that have come out since 2002, including heretofore digital-only releases).

well While We R Are Why would've worked, I think Including the other tracks wouldn't have been as easy. Doing the Splitrmx EP would've might not worked due to licensing issues?also why include b-side tracks that had no relation to any EP whatsoeverAlso I read in the Ask Autechre Anything session, that they wanted to keep things pure Autechre with this box, hence why the outisde Basscadetmixes are not included and an inclusion of Splitrmx would've been unlikely anway.

I can see, many noticed the cash-cow aspect of this beautiful, austerely minimalist package. For those missing the point first time around, this is a gift from outer space - for many others who have already collected most of it, remember John Lydon at his very last onstage antic with the Pistols; "... ever get the feeling you've been cheated?"

It might be interesting for people who have never heard of Autechre before - an interesting experience. But aside from that, this release is a fancy waste of time in a pretty box. It's a shame to see what Warp has become.

I can imagine this release saving me a lot of money; but I'll stick with the vinyls.

I owned nothing on vinyl of theirs but bought this 5 cd set. It saved me nothing except showed me I wanted it all on vinyl. You did it the right way round!!

I don't see much point to this other than to make a quick $. The only thing worthwhile this set brings is a digital version of the "Cavity Job" EP, which unfortunately includes shortened versions of the songs, missing their intros.

Fantastic release, but will not be needing it as I already have all the original Warp EPs. Good to see Cavity Job being included, but it's a shame that Basscadet (Basscadoublemx), and Basscadet (12/4cadetmx) that was on the limited Basscadet 3x10" set have been omitted. Those mixes are hard to find now.

Basscadet (Basscadoublemx) is present :) Beaumonthannanttwomx is omitted instead, but it's available on general CD version of Basscad EP. But yes, it's a pity 12/4cadetmx is omitted... and becomes the most rare of mixes