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Chief Thundercloud / Moticos - Self-Pollination / Get In (The Black Bus) FLAC album

Performer: Chief Thundercloud
Genre: Electronic / Rock
Title: Self-Pollination / Get In (The Black Bus)
Style: Lo-Fi, Experimental
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Victor Daniels (April 12, 1899 – December 1, 1955), known professionally as Chief Thundercloud, was an American character actor in Westerns. He is noted for being the first actor to play the role of Tonto, the Lone Ranger's Native-American companion, on the screen. He repeatedly said he was born in the Oklahoma Territory

In the angiosperms, self-pollination is the transfer of pollen from an anther to a stigma within one single plant. It may occur within the same flower (intrafloral), or it may involve flower-to-flower (interfloral) pollen transfer within the same plant. In contrast, cross-pollination is the transfer of pollen from an anther to a stigma in another flower in a separate plant. The difference, therefore, is that the former occurs in one plant while the latter involves two plants. Mechanisms in Plants that Promote Self-Pollination: 1. Perfect flowers. The occurence of this type of flower, also called bisexual and hermaphroditic flower, in a single plant favors selfing because of the presence of both male and female sexual parts in the same flower. If pollen shedding and stigma receptivity are synchronized and mechanisms promoting flower-to-flower pollen transfer are absent, intrafloral pollen transfer will be ensured.

There’s a historical story behind the phrase get on the bus. This is what a voiture omnibus looks like : Voiture Omnibus.

all songs written and recorded by chief thundercloud except if you're ever in oaklahoma - written by jj cale and features Dan Long on bass, Mike Patterson on Guitar and Doug Scurfield on drums, the spirit world rising is a Daniel Johnston cover and features those three again, Lady in the Radiator song is from the film eraserhead and a pixies bsides album, nature anthem is a grandaddy cover, Forever young is a bob dylan tune, everything will be all right is writtten by JJ cale and features Dan Long on Bass, Mike Patterson on Guitar and Coleman Johnston on drums it was recorded at 1. .

In the sexual reproduction of animals and plants, the male and female gametes join to form a single fertilised cell called a zygote, which develops into a new individual with a unique collection of genetic material. In a population, this genetic variation is important because, if conditions become hard, there is a chance that some individuals will survive. Many flowers can be pollinated by their own pollen – a process called self-pollination. However, this does not always result in the genetic variation needed for species to survive. Many plants have ways to make sure they are only pollinated by pollen from a flower on a different plant, which is called cross-pollination. Some have the male and female parts in separate flowers on the same plant, while others have male and female flowers on different plants. Many have the stigmas and anthers ripening at different times to prevent self-pollination.

Self-pollination in the case of the short-styled form, for example, is not excluded. Darwin and Modern ScienceA. First the anthers must be carefully removed from the bud of the flower so as to eliminate all possibility of self-pollination. A Civic BiologyGeorge William Hunter. Empathy vs. Sympathy: Which Word To Use And When. the transfer of pollen from the anthers to the stigma of the same flower or of another flower on the same plantCompare cross-pollination.

Chief Thundercloud' is featured as a movie character in the following productions: The Deadliest Gun (2015).

Other articles where Self-pollination is discussed: pollination: Types: self-pollination and cross-pollination: An egg cell in an ovule of a flower may be fertilized by a sperm cell derived from a pollen grain produced by that same flower or by another flower on the same plant, in either of which two cases fertilization i. Britannica does not currently have an article on this topic. self-pollinationThe process of self-pollination in an angiosperm.

Chief Thundercloud is hired by Charlie McCarthy's town to make it rain. He stipulates that he will do it if there are no big crowds following him around. Upon arriving, however, the whole town seems to have gathered to welcome him. He sees this and exits on the opposite end of the train. He leaves town in a huff but forgets his baggage. Charlie and Mortimer Snerd use his effects to impersonate the chief.


A1 Chief Thundercloud Nigh
A2 Chief Thundercloud No Dance
A3 Chief Thundercloud Forever Together
A4 Chief Thundercloud Inferno
A5 Chief Thundercloud Suns
A6 Chief Thundercloud Closest
A7 Chief Thundercloud You Are
A8 Chief Thundercloud Weddell
A9 Chief Thundercloud Election
A10 Chief Thundercloud Surface
A11 Chief Thundercloud Meet You There
A12 Chief Thundercloud Two Different People
A13 Chief Thundercloud Election Reprise
A14 Chief Thundercloud 333 Live
A15 Chief Thundercloud RNFF
A16 Chief Thundercloud I'm Bored
A17 Chief Thundercloud No Fun Zone
A18 Chief Thundercloud Marry Ellen
A19 Chief Thundercloud Water Drained Out Of A Corn Field
A20 Chief Thundercloud Seraphim
A21 Chief Thundercloud A Stranger Here
B1 Moticos (Get In The) Black Bus
B2 Moticos Dream Collage
B3 Moticos Groper
B4 Moticos Temple 1
B5 Moticos Organ
B6 Moticos Solo (Segment)
B7 Moticos Temple 2
B8 Moticos Cocaine (Live)


Track names are printed incredibly tiny and were very hard to read, some may be incorrect